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Connecting the Community.

TKN is nonprofit and member-supported. We engage students and viewers through educational, community service, news, sports and arts programming locally produced by our members.

Viewers can watch their favorite programs and explore new shows via cable television and online:

Cox Communications
TKN1 Channel 18
TKN2 Channel 109

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Mission Statement


The Mission

of The Knowledge Network as an educational consortium, is to deliver local educational television programming for the benefit of all learners in the community.

Connecting Students
Experts in education and television production collaborate to create and produce a variety of programs that give students the opportunity to work in front of and behind the camera. The Knowledge Network is managed by District Communications at the Omaha Public Schools under the direction of The Knowledge Network consortium member Board.

TKN’s award-winning programs support the learning process for learners of all ages and provide important information to our viewers. From student-led newscasts and language initiative programs to local sporting events and the performing arts scene, TKN provides quality programming specifically targeted to our community.

Board Members

Board of Directors

TKN Board Officers
Chair – Don Kohler, Iowa Western Community College
Vice Chair – Paul Lindgren, Ed.D., Westside Community Schools
Secretary – Lyle Kwiatkowski, University of Nebraska Omaha
President – Jeremy Maskel, APR, Omaha Public Schools
Business Manager – Rosa Vallecillo-Sanchez, Omaha Public Schools
TKN Board Members
Jodene Brownlee, University of Nebraska Omaha
Matt Lee, Ph.D., Westside Community Schools
Bob Maass, Metro Community College
Chuck Davis, Metro Community College
Adam Innes, Omaha Public Schools
Maggie Cunningham, Omaha Public Schools


TKN Members

The Knowledge Network is a nonprofit, member-supported corporation that provides education and informational services via local broadcast and cable television, and the World Wide Web. The Knowledge Network is managed by District Communications, at the Omaha Public Schools.

Members of The Knowledge Network produce a variety of educational and public interest programs.

How to Become a Member
Reach households across the Omaha area with the power of The Knowledge Network! With two channels of programming on two local cable providers, members can reach more than 250,000 subscribers.

Membership in The Knowledge Network is open to nonprofit educational and public-benefit organizations. There are several levels of membership available. One of our most popular levels, Cable Membership, offers:

  • Prime-time scheduling of your programs
  • Promotion of your programs
  • Broadcast of video promotions
  • Program access on The Knowledge Network’s Viewer’s Choice service
  • Technical and production advice
  • A seat on The Knowledge Network board of directors

For more information about types of programs that are eligible for membership and for membership details, contact The Knowledge Network.

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Underwriting Opportunities

Connecting Sponsorships.

As a nonprofit corporation, TKN relies on corporate contributions and membership dues to support its operation. For information on how you can provide financial assistance to or become a member of The Knowledge Network, please contact us.